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it went. stay right there, monica, because president obama met with sandy hook families and other relatives of the shooting in washington as he continues his push for new gun control laws. i want you to take a listen. >> shame on us if we've forgotten. i haven't forgotten those kids. shame on us, if we've forgotten. charles: republican lawmakers are saying they will filibuster any new restrictions on guns that democrats put forward. we've got senator rubio who said, quote: we should work to reduce tragic acts of violence by addressing violence at its source including untreated momental illness, the lack of adequate information-sharing on mental health issues and the breakdown of the family, end quote. monica, what's your reaction? >> two senators have now said they will filibuster any gun control bill that comes to the floor, because it has a tendency to go beyond the prescribed things in the bill and really become infringements on the second amendment. but the political problem here for the president and other left-wing supporters of gun control is not the republicans, it's the d
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1